the fact board members

Terry Magers

I am honored to be a member of the FACT board. While I am a survivor, several family members have lost their lives to cancer. I have lived most of my life in the Seneca County portion of Fostoria and look forward to being a part of an organization, giving assistance to local families who face the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis.

Larry Lucius
Vice President

I had heard of FACT many years ago, but first learned what it was all about when Debi Tiell did her first polar bear jump. I like the fact that all the donations stay in Seneca County to help cancer victims who are having a difficult time helping themself. I have served on many boards and FACT is the most worthwhile.

Janice Tschanen

Being a lifetime Seneca County resident, I feel honored to have been asked to on the FACT board. My family and many dear friends have been affected by cancer and I have seen the need to help those in Seneca County. Having assisted with many FACT fundraisers I am overwhelmed with the response from the community. Thank you to all who have contributed to this great cause.

Betty Park

We have done lots to help many people of Seneca County. I will always support FACT as all the money raised stays in Seneca County. Our daughter, Jennifer, is a cancer survivor and that excites me to always help others in our community. My husband, John, and I live on a farm and have three children, Jennifer, Greg, and Jon. We are proud grandparents of eight grandchildren and they keep us busy. I hope we can count on all of your support in the future when a fundraiser comes up on our schedule. God Bless you all.

Karen O’Connor

I recently joined the FACT family and FACT’s commitment to the community really hits home for me. One of my sisters passed away from breast cancer while my father and another sister are cancer survivors. It is an honor to be able to help those in their time of need.

Kim Simonds
FACT Board Member

I am a registered nurse for hospice and have witnessed the need in our community to help with the cost of cancer treatments. My stepmother benefitted from FACT services and I wanted to give something back. I believe in what FACT represents and how it helps cancer patients right here in Seneca County.

Karen Irving
FACT Board Member

Having recently joined the FACT board, I am amazed at all of the support from the community.  Being a lifetime resident of Seneca County, I wanted to give back to this great community we live in.

Anabel Montgomery
FACT Board Member

As a funeral director I see far too many families that have lost loved ones to cancer. I decided to become involved with FACT because many of these families had wonderful things to say about the support they received as their loved ones were undergoing treatment and I wanted to contribute to that effort. It is amazing to see the way the community comes together to support FACT and those battling this terrible disease.

Charlene Popenberg
FACT Board Member

I have had my life touched by cancer with myself being a survivor and also my husband, Mark. My daughter was also involved in helping others with this very trying time in their lives.

Cindy Miller
FACT Board Member
Lynn Reino
FACT Board Member
Laura Ritzler
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Claudia Clouse
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Karen Magers
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Barbara Bronson
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